Let's talk about me and my relationship with her.

how did i met her?

Even when the show is from 1993, i met my waifu in 2003 when i saw the show re-transmitted in some TV channel.

what do you love about your waifu?

that skimpy purple dress, that long red hair, those curves, dat ass, and those shiny eyes were the things that phisically atracted me from her. In her character, i love that she's an independent woman who has her own business, wins lots of money, she's strong and she's dominant. she made me appreciate anime ladies with those qualities. She's the reason for my love of redheads and my waifuism. there's not another anime lady that make me feel that way, and she's my waifu from more than 10 years. So i can say trustfully that my love for her isn't just physical. maybe she has some defects: she's greedy, she hurts her employees, she's too prepotent and gives herself too much importance, but i love her.

how big is your collection?

I collect obsessively any piece of media that i can find about her: games, anime, manga, porn, music, pics, even videos in other languages if i don't have them in my collection. I just need to dye my hair of red. (xD). probably i have more than 5GB of things about her.

ready for marriage...<3

showing her fighting skills

do you think i was joking about the ass?